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After departing from the aerobatic scene, Mel Broad (co-founder of Cuban Air) wishes to part with his beautifully finished and highly maintained Cuban Eight RS. This particular aircraft is the second prototype of the popular 60-90 size F3A aerobatics model which paved the way for the production model. Designed and built in 1997 this aircraft was barely used until the '98 F3A season competing in the Senior class and earning good points scores consistently. Kept in the hanger again until the 2000 season when it was also flown by his son Chris Broad earning masters points in local competitions. Now in 2002, Mel has departed the aerobatic scene as a pilot for the foreseeable future and has put the Cuban Eight RS up for sale.

The Cuban Eight RS would make an ideal model for a pilot who is new to F3A aerobatics and who cannot afford the expense of the newer French fibreglass models. It would also appeal to someone who is already established in the scene and will perform all the way to top, regularly being seen in masters competitions.


... (all items listed here are included in the price)
Wingspan 72"
Length 69"
Weight 7 1/2lb
Power plant O.S. 61RF "Hanno Special II"
Tuned Pipe O.S. Hatori 750 "Hanno" - Red
Construction Balsa covered foam wings, Balsa fuselage with foam deckings and lite-ply.
Retracts Spring Air
Wheels M.A. Products with tail wheel assembly
Horns M.A Products special horn set
Finish Fibreglass covered fuselage with one-off paint scheme by Mel Broad, with profilm (oracover) covered wings.
Special Dubro quick fill one-way fuel filler valve

This is a finished and flown model which needs the following things to be made flyable once purchased: -

Radio gear, Air Pump (for retracts included), Desired one-way valve.

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Contact Details

Mel Broad: -

Telephone: - +44 (0)7880606053  (after 7pm)


525 o.v.n.o