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· The Cuban Forty was such a hit in the modeling world, due to its quick build time, and excellent sport performance, that it was decided that perhaps a smaller model still, might be just as popular. Therefore the Cuban 20 was prominent on the drawing board for quite a while, and the prototype was built and flown within 1 month of 1997. It is still in the testing stages at the moment but with some small alterations it could be going into production late this year. It has great potential as a small sport plane or pylon race formula.

· The largest and latest design of the Cuban Eight variant, is the Cuban Eight RS (Re-Styled), which first flew in 1997. It was initially designed as a top class F3A aerobatic aircraft, and I am pleased to say it is all of that. Both prototypes are powered by OS 61RF "Hanno Specials". The design is 4 inches longer than the Cuban Eight Clubman, with 2" greater wing span (This is considerably larger). Like the 'Clubman' its fuselage & cowling designs are slightly wider than the prototype Cuban Eight. Therefore it can be powered using a wider range of engines. I.e. Webra 80 & Yamada YS-91 four-cycle, to name but a few.

· The successful Cuban 40 was re-designed at the beginning of this year and as well the original there is now another variant, the Cuban 40 RS (Re-Styled). It has a deeper fuselage, revised flying surfaces, and a new cowling to allow a variety of 40 and 50 sized engines to fit.

Current Production Margin

Aircraft Model
Cuban Forty Standard
  Re - Styled (RS)
  Four Stroke Version
Cuban Eight Standard (Clubman)
  Stretched (Clubman S)
  Re -Styled (RS)


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